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A resume that is directed to a recruiter will likely get better results if it is shorter and more specific than a more detailed resume, which is designed to appeal to an individual employer. A recruiter will scan a resume to determine if there’s a match with a position that he has available. Your resume should not exceed two pages.

The basic layout to follow is:
Name, address, phone, (fax and email where available)
Essentially, what you want to do. If you are interested in a rather unusual or unique position, say it. If not, be general, but clear. If you have a geographic preference, state that here.
Job History:
Only include up to the last 6 positions you held, beginning with the most recent. Provide company names, positions held, short description of job performed and key business accomplishments. Include the dates employed (use months and years only, never days) and try not to leave any open time periods.
Use only where appropriate to the desired position or cite skills/experience/training a future employer would value.

Once receives your resume and application, we will search our database of over 37,000 recruiters and compile a customized list of at least 100 recruiters to whom we will send your resume. The recruiters will review your resume and if they find a job match, will contact you directly. StartJobHunt is fast, easy and effective. And you get this service for a one-time fee of $99.00.

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Do not include references, personal interests or education (except for the last level of school attended) but state that references are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have experience in one industry (or position) but would like to change careers. Can I use
Yes. First, if you desire a similar position in a different industry, highlight your positions/job functions/responsibilities on your resume and downplay the companies or industry that you’ve been with If you want a different position than you’ve had in the past, stress your desire to pursue a different field and state how your past experience would be appropriate.

I’m just out of school and have little actual job experience. Can help?
Yes. There are recruiters that specialize in entry-level positions whose job functions are general in nature. State your willingness for an entry position in the objective section of your resume.

I’m really looking for a permanent position. Should I consider accepting a temporary job?
Maybe. Many temporary positions can evolve into full time jobs and accepting one may be a good strategy. You should have the recruiter check with the company’s policy on the ability to move from a temporary position to a permanent one within their organization before accepting the temporary position.

Should I state my earnings from my previous jobs on my resume?
Never. Not only should you not state your earnings on your resume, you should not mention your earnings to the recruiter or your potential employer unless it is absolutely required. By stating a figure, both the recruiter and potential employer will form an impression of you that might imply that you are either over or under qualified for a position.

Should I state a minimum salary requirement on my resume objective?

What is
StartJobHunt is a service that gets your resume in front of a selected group of recruiters targeted to your specific geographic location and job-type preferences.

What do I get for my $99.00?
StartJobHunt will deliver your resume to at least 100 recruiters that are targeted to your specific job and geographic preferences.

Can’t I get these recruiters names for free?
StartJobHunt maintains a database of more than 37,000 active recruiters and has developed this list from numerous sources. To reach the same recruiters as StartJobHunt, you would have to invest the time and cost to acquire the data and capture the up-to-date fax numbers as well as the unique job/industry specialties which many of them have. Once you have the data, you still have the time and cost of faxing out your resume to each recruiter.

How many recruiters will see my resume?
StartJobHunt will send your resume to a minimum of 100 recruiting firms. Since most of these firms have several individual recruiters, your resume may well go to over 1,000 individual recruiters.

Are there any other firms that will do this for free?
There are none that we are aware of. Some consulting firms will assist you in developing your resume and help you make contact with potential employers but will have a substantial charge for this “assistance” and you will do most of the work.

How long does it take to get my resume in front of the recruiters from the time I send it to you?
We typically fax out most resumes within 48 hours.

Does the recruiter call me directly or go through
When the recruiter receives your resume, they have no idea it was sent by StartJobHunt and will contact you directly.

If I specify that I want my resume only sent to recruiters who specialize in my field/industry, can I be guaranteed that only those recruiters will receive my resume?
StartJobHunt will always attempt to direct your resume to the target recruiters based on your job preferences profile. If you are seeking an unusual position or desire to work in an area where only a few recruiters are available, StartJobHunt will contact you directly to discuss your requirement before we proceed.

Would I be better off using email to get my resume to recruiters?
Not likely. Typically, an email would be associated with a single recruiter at a recruiting firm and emailing your resume would get it to an individual. A recruiting firm’s fax however is more general and a resume would likely be directed to more than one recruiter., agrees to fax a copy of the resume to a minimum number of professional recruiters.

The client understands and agrees that StartJobHunt is not responsible and you hereby release us for any and all claims, liability, damages and losses relating to faxing this resume including, but not limited to: failure of any recipient to receive transmission of the faxes sent by us; failure of any recipient to respond to your resume; failure of any recipient to offer you an interview for employment. In addition, you agree to hold us harmless against any and all claims, judgments, liabilities, costs, damages, loses, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from our faxing your resume, including, but not limited to, any inaccurate information contained in your resume.

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