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#1-Select the Type Of Employers you want to work for, NOT a position such as administrative, sales, management, etc...All companies need administrative, sales, and management personnel so your search will come back with too many companies. Instead, select the Types of Employers that you want to work for.
#2-If your looking for a job that almost all large companies have, select "all companies" under Employer Types and then the Employer Size and the geographic choices. For example, if you're looking for Human Resources position, select "all companies" under Type Of Employer, then Employer Sizes with 100 or more employees, and the geographic choices you want.

#3-Be Flexible…we have categorized 37,000+ Job Placement Specialists (Recruiters and Head Hunters) into about 312 categories, so you will reach the exact type of employers you want, and some employers that are related, but not exactly what you might have thought were perfect for you, unforeseen employment opportunities often arise as a result of doing this. You will reach the exact employers you want, plus some that are related to your choices, so just be flexible. The more employers that know about you, the more likely you will find job opportunities that you would otherwise never have know about., agrees to fax a copy of the resume to a minimum number of professional recruiters.

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